Zucchini Blossom Corn Shrimp Quesadillas

    10 Mins
    15 Mins
    Serves 2-4

Quesadillas are hands down one of my favorite Mexican classics. They make for a quick weekly lunch or dinner at our house. In the summer, I look forward to making zucchini blossom, corn, and shrimp quesadillas when zucchini blossoms and corn are at their best! If you can’t find zucchini blossom, squash blossom is the perfect substitute.

First, the shrimp are sauteed with chipotle powder, onion, and garlic, which add a sweet smokiness to the quesadillas. Then, they’re sandwiched between two tortillas with grated Cacique Panela cheese, fresh corn kernels, and zucchini blossoms. Normally a large tortilla is laid flat, filled with cheese, then folded over to seal, but I like to make mine with two small tortillas and let the filling melt and develop a nice crispiness.

The tortillas can be served with crumbled Cacique queso fresco, cilantro, Serrano chile peppers, fresh lime wedges, and flavored sour creams, like the Cacique cilantro lime sour cream, spicy jalapeno sour cream, or chipotle sour cream. These zucchini blossom corn and shrimp quesadillas are easy to put together and make a nourishing and delicious meal.

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