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Soy Chorizo Burgers with Creamy Slaw

Nothing beats the smell of grilling outdoors on warm, sunny days, and we have a lot of both in Los Angeles. Between carne asadas, BBQs, cookouts, and picnics, dining alfresco can leave Angelinos feeli...
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Chef Aarón's Chorizo Sliders with Jalapeño Aioli

It’s time for face paint, jersey-inspired ponchos (check out my Instagram for more on that one) and food, lots and lots of food. It’s one of my favorite days of the year, Big Game Sunday! Unfortunatel...
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Ranchero® Burgers Stuffed with Enchilado Cheese

Grilling + meat = Father’s Day! My hubby is a huge carnivore, so when I was trying to come up with a dish to impress I knew it had to be grilled and it had to be beef. I used to leave the grilling to...
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Lamb Burger Stuffed with Jalapeños and Panela Cheese

Stretch your mind and appetite. A philosophy I think about often when reflecting on how my dad raised me. And, it was through his divine inspiration that I created this Lamb Burger Stuffed with Panela...
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Chorizo Burgers with Quesadilla Cheese and Crema Chili Sauce

"Father's Day" and "grilling" go pretty much hand in hand in my house. This year, we'll be celebrating my husband's 22nd year as a father and since it's his day, he gets to choose what's on the menu!...
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Chorizo-Cotija Mini Burgers

Burgers have always been crowd pleasures. I actually enjoy making them as much as I love eating them. I just think a burger can be more than just plain meat between two buns. That’s why the real star...
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