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Spicy Blackened Fish Sandwiches

This fish sandwich has the perfect combination of spicy and saltiness. The fish is dipped in butter, then coated with a spicy yet delicious mixture and fried on a hot skillet. The melted butter cooks...
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Avocado Tuna Bites

I am learning that eating better doesn’t mean eating foods that are bland and boring. I have been looking for tasty gluten free lunch and dinner options so I have been mixing up ingredients to form so...
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Easter Tea Sandwiches

For Easter, having friends and family over is always a joy, and what better way to enchant them than with these special tea sandwiches? The best part is they don’t need any special skills, they are ea...
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Pan Seared Tilapia with Pork Chorizo & Tomato Cream Sauce

The robust and pleasantly creamy Cacique® Pork Chorizo is earthy and rich with traditional spices and herbs. A natural pairing for potatoes and eggs, but it is also perfectly paired with simple fish l...
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