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Soy Chorizo & Quinoa Stuffed Peppers

Whether you want to replace your Monday night dinner for #meatlessmonday or celebrate a meatless Lenten meal on Fridays, Cacique Soy Chorizo has made it easy to make your meatless meal and still taste...
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Shrimp Mac and Cheese with Soy Chorizo

It’s almost time for meatless Fridays! My family observes Lent every year so it’s time I start looking for meatless recipes. A scrumptious, gooey and cheesy Mac and cheese is the king of all food comf...
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Cheese Stuffed Potato Patties

Lent is actually one of my favorite times of the year. It makes feeding my family veggies and meatless dishes so easy. My family is full of meat eaters, but during this time of year they actually enjo...
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Patacón Pisado

For Catholics around the world, Ash Wednesday through Easter Sunday - Lent, is a special time to reflect, give thanks and spread kindness. It’s also a time for repentance where people will give up an...
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