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Easy Grilled Quesadillas with Guasacaca

Guasacaca is to Venezuelan cuisine what Guacamole is to Mexican gastronomy. Not as universal and creamy as guacamole, guasacaca is an avocado based sauce with a pungent flavor given by red wine vinega...
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Beef Chorizo and Panela Arepas

South America, like Mexico, has so many amazing regions and cultures, each using different ingredients and techniques, but are all still connected within their diverse cooking styles. The overlap may...
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Pisca Andina with Corn and Ají de Leche

Pisca Andina is a soup usually made with chicken broth, diced potatoes and eggs, garnished with white cheese and cilantro. It’s a breakfast dish (yes, breakfast!) very popular in the cold mountainous...
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Plantain and White Cheese Cake

When you are born and grown in a tropical country like Venezuela, eating plantains is an everyday thing. Ripe plantain with white cheese (fresh, grated, melted, grilled, aged), is an irresistible duo,...
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Arepas with Beef and Mushrooms

These arepas stuffed with beef and mushrooms are what we like to serve when we have guests over for light entertainment. I always have to make extra because they get eaten up so quickly. In Colombia a...
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