Cultural Traditions of Hispanic Heritage Month


Hispanic Heritage Month is a special time of the year to me. All the Latin cultures of the world come together to celebrate their unique yet intertwined lineage and traditions. There are so many ways to observe this holiday and of course one of them is cooking with your family and friends. During this month (September 15 – October 15) I always plan a couple festivities just to remind myself of my roots and the beautiful, rich heritage I come from. My family is from Mexico, and even within Mexico, there are so many different regions and nuances in each of the distinct communities. There’s Oaxaca and Guadalajara, Baja and Yucatan, and so much more. Oaxaca is known for it’s mezcal, cheese and use of grasshoppers. A Guadalajara classic, and one of my favorite dishes, is a hominy corn soup called pozole which is slowly cooked with fresh spices. Baja has a big Spanish influence and is where the Ceasar salad was born. The Yucatan region has a range of Mayan and Asian ingredients and techniques, with such traditions as cooking fish wrapped in a banana leaf.

Working with an assortment of fresh, pure ingredients is the best way to learn how to create classic dishes. Using Cacique’s range of authentic products and traditional recipes is a great way to get Mexican ingredients and techniques that are used in the cuisines across Mexico. In our house, Cacique® ingredients are staples as they are so fresh, delicious and versatile. Making family dishes and spending time with my loved ones are the kinds of things I look forward to every year during this celebratory time.

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