Cheesy Vegetarian Stuffing

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    30 Min

It was definitely my Auntie Rosie who not only taught me how to make a turkey, but she also gave me the inns and outs of making mouthwatering stuffing. The love that she puts into her stuffing is so transparent just one bite in, and is a hard act to follow quite frankly. I figured if I was gonna learn right, then I must get a lesson from the stuffing master herself. So many moons ago I did just that. The funny thing is, I hold her stuffing at such a prestigious height, that I have never tried to replicate the flavor combos that she has mended so well. Instead I took the valuable tips she gave about the exact type of moisture the stuffing should hold before putting it in the oven or making your own bread cubes or if buying store bought bread cubes which are the best brands to use.

Now, I know there is this big hoopla over stuff your stuffing into the center of the bird vs. cook the stuffing separately. Even though my Tia Rosie does stuff the bird, I opt to cook it separately. The reason I cook the stuffing separately has nothing to do with the health concerns that has stopped most of America from stuffing the bird, it has to do with the actual bird. If you cook your stuffing separately then your turkey will be more moist. The turkey will take less time to cook which equals less amount of time to dry out.

This year I decided to cater to the vegetarians at my table…. I figure there will be plenty to eat for the carnivores. I used many of my Auntie Rosie’s methods but decided to elevate it to news highs by adding Mexican cheese to the mix. I used both Cacique’s Cotija and Oaxaca cheeses. The results were heavenly!

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