Cooking with Crema: Rocky Road Fudge

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Who the FUDGE celebrates the holiday season without a beautiful slab of fudge? “Not I!,”says this candy lover. From Halloween, to Thanksgiving, to Christmas… Right into the New Year, people are serving fudge. This rich, bite-sized soft candy is a holiday staple and has been for as long as I could remember. When I was much younger, my Great Grandmother Presley used to always have a little plate of fudge on her coffee table when guests would arrive for a “feast day” like Thanksgiving or Christmas. I always loved this tradition, but was too intimidated by all the tinkering with candy thermometers and reaching certain temperatures in order to make proper fudge. That’s until I played with adding marshmallows and Cacique’s Crema Mexicana to the mix. Then I was able to throw those thermometers to the side and not worry about reaching certain temperatures. Those two ingredients make this recipe so easy, even a novice can feel confident there will be no mishaps. I’m especially fond of the addition of Cacique’s Crema Mexicana, which gives my fudge such a creamy, smooth texture and really is the secret weapon to building up that chocolate flavor. I couldn’t stop there, I had to make my fudge rocky road flavor, because as beautiful as my grandmother’s fudge used to be… it needed a little boost. This recipe has that chewy bite, nutty crunch, and fruit note that makes it oh so good. Hello decadence!

To my FUDGE… I could go on and on about you and why you are my quintessential holiday treat, but I’d rather eat you instead. Make this recipe and delight your holiday guests.

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