One-Pot Chiles Rellenos En Arroz Cremoso

    10 Mins
    75 Mins
    Serves 3

Every time I visit Mexico, I return newly inspired and with a collection of recipes to I want to try. During one of my visits to Mexico City, my tía Luisa shared this one-pot recipe with us and it has been a family favorite ever since. I can still remember the first time my mother made it for me – it was definitely love at first bite.

Poblano peppers happen to be one of my favorite chiles to cook with, because their flavor potential develops when they are roasted and their mild spice adds just the right kick to any dish. I like to leave the seeds in for an extra punch of heat, but they can be removed for the faint of heart. Unlike traditional Chiles Rellenos, in this recipe, the Poblanos are stuffed and then tucked into a creamy rice mixture, allowing for all of the unique flavors to mix together. Cacique Queso Panela is my cheese of choice for this recipe, but Cacique Queso Fresco, Cacique Oaxaca, or Cacique Queso Enchilado would work well too. The Cacique Crema Mexicana adds just the right texture and flavor to this mouthwatering vegetarian dish.

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