What’s Next in Mexican Cuisine



In honor of National Hispanic Heritage Month, Cacique and I are celebrating Mexican heritage and culture as well as the significant impact Mexican cuisine has had in America by identifying the Mexican food trends that we expect to see next year. Here are my top culinary trend predictions for ‘What’s Next in Mexican Cuisine’ for 2019 and beyond!

Above all, authentic and fresh ingredients will be key, which is why I have proudly partnered with Cacique for years. It remains as important as ever to ensure we’re staying true to the authentic ingredients that have always made Mexican food excellent while embracing the latest food trends. For more than 40 years, Cacique has produced the highest-quality fresh and aged traditional cheeses, cremas and chorizos, which I use in my restaurant and home kitchens.

I predict we’ll see a more regional approach to cooking, especially when it comes to ingredients. More than ever, people are interested in learning where their food comes from and experiencing new places through food.

Mexican barbecue will rise to the top as a cooking technique, where whole roasted animals prepared with different marinades are served with an assortment of salsas and garnishes. This is what my family does when we’re all together or the approach I take when preparing meals for big celebrations – family-style service is another trend I think is here to stay.

I was inspired by my trend predictions to create a Short Rib Barbacoa with Creamed “Street Corn” and Blistered Padron Peppers dish, which features Cacique Queso Fresco and Crema Mexicana Agria. I love this barbecue recipe because it is simple yet elegant and really reminds me of home. I suggest making this a day in advance for family get-togethers, so that the ribs can absorb the amazing flavor and you have more time to spend with your loved ones. Street corn is a great side because it is so easy and always a crowd pleaser. The Cacique Cotija and Crema Mexicana Agria add such a luscious texture and richness that balances the sweetness of the corn and the acidity of the lime. The blistered Padron peppers are made in a traditional Mexican technique and enhance all the other flavors and round out the dish.

Chorizo Stuffed Peppers and Ember-Roasted Beet Salad with Whipped Queso Fresco and Cilantro-Cotija Pesto are a perfect accompaniment to the barbacoa dish. These are great starters for when guests arrive, so you have something ready to serve. I love Cacique’s chorizos and the Chorizo Stuffed Peppers is a play on something I used to eat all the time when I was a kid; this dish is definitely my go-to authentic comfort food. The beet salad is a great way to wake up the palette and bring some serious freshness to the table. I love the taste of beets that have been grilled on charcoal, as it brings a smoky element to what is an inherently sweet ingredient. The Cilantro-Cotija Pesto is a great flavor base that can be added to other recipes, but I love using it in this salad to bring some herbaceous and earthy qualities to this dish. I also can’t get enough of this whipped Queso Fresco; it just adds this airy, smooth, texture and mild, creamy flavor that rounds everything out.

I hope that you all are able to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month in your homes, continue to learn about Mexican culture and enjoy the amazing cuisine that we have to offer; and always remember to #GoAutentico with Cacique!

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